Vortex Healing

What is a Divine healing art?
It is one that is derived solely from Divine energy and consciousness, and where the Divine Source for that healing art is guiding the movement of that energy and consciousness. The Divine is the Transcendent, Immanent and Utterly Unfathomable Source of All, but also has pure Expressions of Itself that can act as a Source for various kinds of lineages, whether spiritual, religious or a healing/awakening lineage such as VortexHealing. (A ‘lineage’ is a direct line of teachings going back to a single source.)

How deeply can VortexHealing work?
In VortexHealing, the ability to heal with the source energy of its lineage is given by ‘direct consciousness transmission’, where the Divine source of the lineage transmits all that is needed for practicing VortexHealing directly into the student’s consciousness. This has 3 aspects to it: a) direct transmission of the energetic healing tools, b) a movement that evolves and accelerates the healer’s energy system and consciousness, enabling it to be a better vehicle for the Divine work that is coming through it, and c) the creation of a unique BRIDGE in the student's system so that all the divine power that can be accessed by the student's system is also bridged very deeply into the receiver of the healing. With each level of class all three aspects of the transmissions go deeper, and there is a deeper and deeper bridging of the Divine through the healer’s system. At just the Basic level, the student receives transmissions that enable the channeling of 49 forms of Vortex energy and the consciousness of a divine healing realm. With these, the meridian system can be cleared and harmonized, ‘karma knots’—which are a core support for karmic & emotional issues—can be cleared, and deep clearings can be done through the various energetic bodies, chakras and physical tissues, and the system as a whole can be deeply energized. After the second class, the healer is able to bridge deeply enough into physicality to transform, for example, the sound of musical instruments, improving their sound quality—in less than a minute. At the deeper levels of VortexHealing, the very roots of emotional conditioning and identity, including genetic conditioning, can be transformed.

What is the Merlin lineage?
It is the historical line of teachers and students that have learned VortexHealing from the Divine Expression that calls itself Merlin. (The Merlin that is associated with King Arthur was not this Divine Expression but one of the human teachers of the Merlin lineage.) All Divine Expressions bring into manifestation a unique quality of the Divine. Merlin brings in the quality of magical transformation. Merlin’s healing art, VortexHealing, transforms emotional conditioning, transforms physicality and transforms ego-identity. The movement of that transformation is through the Divine magic of Merlin’s energy and consciousness. The nature of that movement is the magical awakening of conditioned consciousness to its true nature and expression.

How was VortexHealing discovered?
VortexHealing is an ancient healing art that had become lost and was then recovered and further developed. The modern re-founder of VortexHealing is Ric Weinman, who recovered VortexHealing (in 1994) when Merlin ‘intervened’ in Ric’s life, generating a transcendent experience that re-awakened Ric’s memory of having studied this Divine healing art in two past lives, so that it could be re-manifested at this time.

What is the significance of spiritual awakening?
Our experience is that we are a localized, personal, separate self—a particular ‘I’, a particular ego. This gives rise to a sense of me and mine, and to a deep sense of lack and a fear of annihilation. It is the basis for all our struggles, needs, conflicts and fears—for all of our emotional pain and suffering. On an emotional level, healing can only go so deep as long as the ego, which is the foundation for all that pain and suffering—and actually uses that to define itself—continues as it was. All our pain and suffering, all of our conflicts and experiences of struggle—it is all filled with I-consciousness. Spiritual awakening is what heals us of the trance of being this individual ego. Spiritual awakening, therefore, creates the opening and possibility for us to finally and fully unhook from our issues. Instead of living from the pain and suffering of a separate someone that is struggling through life, we finally have the possibility to live from freedom. And as the movement into this freedom deepens, and as we learn to embody this freedom in our day-to-day living, we awaken to the direct experience that all of life is One—One Source, One Consciousness, One Divinity—and we are That. From the point of view of healing, this is the true healing: we become whole again!

How can VortexHealing facilitate spiritual awakening?
Although spiritual awakening sometimes seems to happen spontaneously, it never happens unless there has been sufficient ‘ripening’ first. Because the divine intention for the VortexHealing lineage is to facilitate spiritual awakening, the Divine source of the lineage generates this ripening continuously during VortexHealing classes and whenever VortexHealing is being channeled—whether for oneself or someone else. Working in the background in this way, the Divine source of the lineage ensures that by a certain level of class, students have become sufficiently ripe to have their first awakening movements in the Core Veil and Root of Liberation class.

Why is VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing so powerful?
As described on the Home page, all of our pain and suffering, all of our conflicts and experiences of struggle—it is all filled with I-consciousness. To really change these patterns then, you need something that can awaken I-consciousness. But the only thing that can release the consciousness of separateness is that which is not separate, which is the Divine, the Source Itself, also called the Self. That is why VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing works solely with Divine light and consciousness, bridging Source into the very roots of your issues. It releases the consciousness of separateness, awakening consciousness to its true nature—the Self, which has no sense separateness.

Most healing arts that work with the Divine use Divine energy (also called Divine light) but do not access Divine consciousness. Although Divine energy is pure healing energy, it is Divine consciousness that transforms the roots of the consciousness of separateness. When Divine consciousness is truly accessed, it also acts as an independent intelligence; it knows exactly where the roots of your issues are held and goes directly there to transform them. VortexHealing works with both Divine energy and Divine consciousness, accessing both in a variety of ways.

We can see the potential healing power of Divine consciousness when the VortexHealing healing realm is used on a musical instrument. Because Divine consciousness is also able to work directly through matter, the sound of the instrument changes remarkably—in less than one minute it is richer, more harmonious and expresses more heart! (This is mentioned in all the articles about VortexHealing.) This cannot easily be accomplished with Divine energy alone.

But energy has a key role to play in healing as well. Somehealing arts use "chi" or ‘pranic energy’ or ‘life energy’. This is not Divine energy but the energy of manifested life. This would also be true of some energies that are referred to as ‘universal energy’. Although these energies can be used for healing, they cannot work as deeply as Divine energy. There are other healing arts that do use Divine light or energy, and usually they have one particular light that is used. But different kinds of Divine light can create different effects. As mentioned earlier, VortexHealing uses 49 forms of Divine Vortex light; each one is designed by the Divine to accomplish a different function, and each one goes exactly where it needs to go to optimally help the person who is receiving healing.

Another element that makes VortexHealing so powerful isthat it is taught through a process called ‘direct consciousness transmission’. This means that VortexHealing is not taught to the mind as a ‘system of thought’; it is imprinted directly by Divine consciousness into human consciousness. (This is described on the Home page.)

The power of VortexHealing combined with the depth that itBridges into the body, and into the emotional and karmic consciousness, creates a kind of transformation that can only be called magical. And at each level of class, this Divine magic is bridged deeper into the student’s energy system, for deeper healing and transformation, and to create a deeper ripening towards awakening.

How much of the conditioning in our issues is from childhood?
Our childhood experiences are one kind of conditioning, but it is just one piece of the total picture. Because we have had innumerable lives, all of our experiences from ALL of our lives condition us. In the East, they say that this is our "karma"; karma is nothing but conditioning, which can be held at many levels of our being. Although we are used to identifying our body as just a "physical" body, we also have an etheric body, an emotional body, a mental body, a spiritual body, a vibrational body and a karmic body. These bodies are your vehicles for various kinds of experience—physical experience, emotional experience, mental experience, and so on. All of them are imprinted with both our past life and present life conditioning. Our etheric body holds conditioning that relates to our basic relationship with the world; our emotional body holds our unprocessed emotions; our mental body holds our attitudes and judgments; our spiritual body holds conditioning that relates to loss of faith; and our karmic body holds all our past life memories and issues. In addition, our physical body holds genetic conditioning, which is full of the conditioning of our physical ancestors as well as other kinds of conditioning. And there is more.

Often it seems like our childhood experiences and traumas are more significant than they really are only because the family situation we are born into will always exactly match the issues we are already deeply involved in. For example, if a person who has a long karmic history of loss and separation is born to a mother who is cold and unaffectionate, they will be much more deeply affected than someone without that kind of history. The person with the karmic history of loss is already deeply wrapped up in the feeling of loss, so even small experiences of loss in the present may seem overwhelming to them. And if they are unaware of their karmic past, they will believe that this huge feeling of loss is being caused solely by present circumstances. They will typically grow up blaming their parents for all these feelings, and will probably learn to also blame their spouses and other aspects of their daily existence. It is not that the feelings they have aren't real; it is that the source of them is much older and deeper than what they imagine. They have been conditioned by thousands of lives of history.

Fortunately, Divine intention has given VortexHealing the power to be able to work on all the different levels of conditioning described here (although genetic conditioning as well as some kinds of conditioning not described here require advanced training to release).

Can VortexHealing be used for situations as well, or just on individuals?
In the second level class, Magical Structures, students are given a healing tool called
Merlin’s Global Healing Grid, which can work on situations. For instance, if there is a problem in a relationship, in a family, at work, in a company, etc, the situation can be placed in Merlin’s Global Healing Grid, for healing and harmonizing. Global issues can also be placed in this Grid, but the healing for anything so large and so complex is very, very slow.

And yet, one must take the long-term view. So, the Merlin lineage has historically always been very active in the work to transform humanity as a whole. Merlin’s guidance has always been to directly use the power available within his lineage for global evolution and awakening, not just for the impact that work on individuals will create for the whole. So, students often come together in small groups to facilitate this, and twice a year, large numbers of students gather together with VortexHealing teachers to generate what we call an ‘Earthshift’, in which certain situations or aspects of human evolution are worked on.

How was VortexHealing® discovered?
The modern re-founder of VortexHealing, Ric Weinman, had an experience in November 1994 that recovered this ancient art. For whatever reason, the Divine intended to bring VortexHealing back into manifestation in human life at that time, and Ric suddenly found himself standing in a huge inter-dimensional vortex. His feet were still on the ground, but the rest of him was ‘elsewhere’, and a voice that identified itself as the Divine Expression named Merlin started to dialogue with him. It pointed out that he had studied this in 2 past lives, that he already knew basic VortexHealing. Following Merlin’s instructions, Ric re-discovered the transmission for VortexHealing within himself, and a few weeks later he was shocked to discover that in a single session he had healed a man of viral chronic fatigue (called M.E. in some parts of the world) that he had had for 20 years. The man had tried everything during that time, including learning another energetic healing art that he practiced daily on himself. During the next months, Ric found himself healing conditions and diseases that he knew he wouldn’t have been able to significantly impact before. Other people, seeing this, wanted to learn to do what Ric was doing, and about 9 months later, he offered the first VortexHealing class in Tucson, Arizona, where he was living at the time.

Since then, other teachers have received the VortexHealing teacher transmission through Ric and are certified to teach VortexHealing in various parts of the world. In addition, VortexHealing itself has undergone an enormous evolution. It has evolved according to direct observation, testing, guidance from Merlin, and drawing from the hands-on experience of Ric, together with all the teachers and students of VortexHealing. In addition, new transmissions have come in for more advanced levels of work that enable a much deeper interface into creation, enabling students to work much deeper on both physical and emotional issues, on themselves and others. The depth of the healing art today is far beyond what was in ancient times, and it continues to evolve and deepen. (For the history of the ancient beginnings of VortexHealing, see below.)

VortexHealingentered a new phase when Merlin facilitated Ric’s awakening in 2002, for that brought into the lineage the possibility of generating the same movement for students. Classes to facilitate awakening started soon after, and as Ric’s awakening deepened and Merlin created deeper bridging within Ric’s system for facilitating awakening others, it became clear that Merlin’s divine intention for all students of his lineage was spiritual awakening. VortexHealing now had two interweaving manifestations: that of a healing art and that of an awakening path. (

What is the ancient history of VortexHealing® and the Merlin Lineage?
VortexHealing began with a man named Mehindra who lived about 5600 years ago. Although most human beings have long karmic histories in which they have struggled within the experience of separation, there are always a few beings on the earth that are born into humanness directly from Wholeness, directly from Divine consciousness. Such divine beings have traditionally been called avatars. Each such being brings a unique aspect of Divine Expression into manifestation. Mehindra was such a being. The aspect of the Divine he manifests is magical transformation. (In the west, the avatar we are most familiar with is Jesus, but there have been many others, and in all ages, there is always at least one avatar alive on the earth.)

After his death, Mehindra brought 7 other beings likehimself together to form a Divine ‘healing realm’ and used his own energy and consciousness to form a link between that healing realm and human consciousness, which is how VortexHealing got its name. In 753 B.C., a man living in what is now England, who was close to enlightenment, received the gift of VortexHealing and specific Vortex meditations as a Divine revelation from a being that appeared in his consciousness while he was meditating. This being (who was Mehindra) called himself ‘Merlin’. (The name Merlin was chosen because that name best represented, in English, the vibrational quality of transformation magic that he was manifesting.) Working with this Divine gift, the man became enlightened and began to pass the gift on to other people by the process of direct consciousness transmission. Later in his life he passed on the ability to teach VortexHealing to selected students. He also started the tradition that if a teacher within the lineage reached a sufficient level of attunement to Merlin, he was given the name Merlin. Thus the name Merlin was both a title and a way to honor the Divine being who still manifests and maintains this healing art. As the teachings of Merlin were passed by direct consciousness transmission from teacher to teacher through the generations, it became known as the Merlin ‘lineage’. Historically, there were 28 teachers, 12 of which were Merlins. The Merlin associated with King Arthur was the fifth one. But the 12th Merlin did not find anyone he could empower to carry on the teachings after him. So, in 1247 A.D. the lineage died out, until Merlin, who is still the source and Divine power of VortexHealing, manifested a visionary experience for Ric Weinman, in 1994, which reactivated his memory of studying VortexHealing in two past lives.
When you experience what VortexHealing is able to do, you will know why Merlin has always been associated with magic.